Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Matilda "Gussies Up"

Matilda (that's what I named the wooden figurine on my mantle...doesn't she look like a Matilda?), likes to change her look with the seasons, just as the rest of us do. But being on a limited budget, she tries to use what she has and change up the accessories. I think she has been reading the fashion blogs.

So when she saw me pulling out all of the Halloween goodies, she got to work on herself!

Luckily, her wardrobe color scheme is right in line with the season. She just highlighted her waistband with a couple of rows of purple ribbon, strung a new fall, beaded necklace, and donned a sparkly witch's hat (borrowed from one of my dollar store floral picks). Her broom is a twig from the backyard and a bit of yarn, and at her feet is a tiny felt pumpkin (which she saw me making for next week's tutorial!).

I think she looks rather snappy! Hmmmm, I guess I'd better get to work on myself!          

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let the Bewitching Begin!

I just can’t wait until it’s actually October to get started on Halloween crafts. There are too many frighteningly fun things to do!

And although I would love to dive right in and work on ten things at once…well, I need to tackle them one at a time so I can tend to other things, too. So here we go!

Our household decorates on a larger scale than most for Halloween, but I wanted a few “vignette” pieces that could be used on small surfaces, shelves, etc. They would also be ideal for anyone who isn’t into “big” for this particular holiday.
I found this glass dome and base at the local Goodwill store for just $3.99. Inside was a very 70’s, dusty, crumbly flower arrangement. Hmmm, yes it’s scary, but in a “grandmother’s end table” kind of way…not so much Halloween.

After scraping the poor flowers into their final resting place, I cleaned the base and dome. The wood just needed a quick round of black spray paint, and was ready to be reincarnated.

All of the new filler materials were found at local dollar stores. I was especially excited about these faux moss-covered stones, for their earthy appeal. And I think they look pretty real!

My intention was to use a bit of sticky-tack to align everything, but they just won’t stay still. I finally resorted to a dab of hot glue here and there. Better sturdy than sorry. I’ll just find another cloche or dome for the next holiday. At $3.99, I think I can afford it.
Martha Stewart has a glittery mini boneyard version here.

You might want to stack miniature pumpkins, antique postcards, a witch figurine or a vintage treat bag brimming with candy. Think small and let your imagination go batty! I’d love to hear what you create.