Thursday, February 4, 2010

Something for the Genealogist in Me

Please forgive the lack of posts lately. I hope to share some of the projects with you that I have been working on in the next few days. There is just so much inspiration out there with all of your creative's difficult to decide what to try first!

In the meantime, I'd like to share with you that I have started a blog of a totally different kind. "Fireflies and Family" will definitely be my main focus, but my new "Class of 1927" will keep the genealogist in me satisfied. You can
find it at

So I hope to see you in a couple of days with a new tidbit for Fireflies, but until then, here's the first posting (which can also be found at the above address:

On my way home yesterday, I decided that I deserved a few minutes of down time. I thought that poking through an antique shop was just the thing to do the trick.

Winding through the maze of rooms at “Hole in the Wall Antiques”, I happily browsed through cabinets of china, bins of costume jewelry, and stacks of ne

w and old books. I filed through a small basket of antique photos, looking for any identifying names on the backs…but no luck. It always makes me a bit sad to think of pictures like these that should be with their families.

Just as I was about to leave (shockingly empty-handed!), I spotted an old yearbook. Oh, no. I have a weakness for them. And it was from a small Texas college in the 1920’s. How fun is that? I flipped through the pages, trying to talk myself out of buying a book that I had no personal connection to, but it was no use. To me it seemed to be page after page of mysteries to be solved. It’s the genealogist in me. It’s a sickness.

So up to the register I marched with this thin brown book.

“Buying ancestors?”, one of the ladies behind the counter asked.

“No, I have quite enough of my own. I just couldn’t resist.”, I replied.

I pointed out to the shopkeepers that it was from Tehuacana, Texas, and asked if either of them had ever heard of it. After exchanging a good laugh, they admitted that not only did they not know where it was but they couldn’t even pronounce it.

No matter. My friends don’t call me the Google Queen for nothing. I knew that I would find out exactly where it was (or had been) as soon as I got home to my laptop.

Background F.Y.I.:

Tehuacana is in Limestone County, Texas at North Highway 171 and FM 638. 6 miles northwest of Mexia (pronounced “ma-hay-a” for those of you unfamiliar with the quaint town), 6 miles east of Coolidge, 41 miles southeast of Hillsboro, 46 miles east of Waco and 36 miles south of Corsicana. In 2000, the population was 307. So there! It does still exist. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for the college, but more about that later.

So here I am: a strange yearbook in my hands and lots of little mysteries to solve. I hope that you’ll want to come along on the ride (however short or long it may be), and perhaps…just perhaps…someone out there trying to climb their family tree will find some little tidbit I run across to be helpful.

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