Monday, February 22, 2010

Spell It Out!

Happy Make Your Monday!

A friend's daughter recently redecorated her room and asked if I could make something with her name on it.

The colors she chose were brilliant, and fun to work with so I took a pillow sham to Michael's and purchased a few matching acrylic colors. While there, I also bought six 4x5" canvases (one for each letter),a wooden dowel, two wooden end caps, and a pair of wall hooks. I then stopped into the local fabric store to pick up a couple of packages of white bias tape and some cording to complement the color scheme.

I primed each canvas with white paint. While they were drying I played with different fonts on my computer, and printed out the letters.

After the base coat dried, I gave each piece a couple of coats of color. This was a good time to add the end caps to the dowel (which had been cut to 24" in length). A bit of wood glue secured them, and then it got the same painted procedure that the canvases received.

Now, there are MANY new super-cool ways to transfer letters and designs these days, but I just did it the quick-and-easy, old-fashioned way. I gently sketched pencil lead across the backs of the pieces of paper, then flipped them right-side-up on the canvas for a quick trace.
I used black paint to apply the lettering, but a nice, fat Sharpie would have been easier.

Again...drying time...

The finishing touch was to edge the pieces with bias tape with the help of good ol' hot glue.
I cord was cut into equal lengths, and the ends stapled them to the backs of the canvases.

Then...just hang the letters from the dowel!

Such a quick project, and the little girl loves it!

Now I'm trying to think of a word to do for my studio!


  1. What a great idea. I love the personalization of it!

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  4. Fun colors. Great job. Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

  5. Very cute!

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  6. What a super-cute project! I just love the colors. I bet your friend is thrilled with the results.

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and leaving a nice comment. I really appreciated your visit. I can't wait to check out more of your blog.

    Have a great week!

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  10. Very cute project...that good old fashioned way is my favorite method for transferring images too.

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