Thursday, October 7, 2010


In all of the excitement of enjoying our "big girl" holiday crafts and decorating, we can't forget that the kids are ready to get crafty, too!

Here's a simple pony bead craft that my Brownie troop made as "backpack bling." And are those girls ever all about adding decorative, dangly things to their backpacks!

Here's what you need to begin:
18" piece of lanyard
5 white pony beads
15 orange pony beads
6 yellow pony beads

 Start by stringing 2 white beads, and bringing them
 to the center of your piece of lanyard.

 Pull one end through the beads in the direction you originally beaded them, making a little loop that circles the beads.

String three more white beads, and pull a lanyard end through these three in the same manner as before, catching them in a loop.

Add four orange beads, and repeat the process.

 NOTE: I found that pulling these loops too tightly will make our end product curl, rather than lay flat. Just lightly tighten each loop, and adjust as you go along.                                                                            

O.K., now....five more orange beads...same song, next verse.
By now, the kids are on a roll!


Now the last 6 orange beads...

And the yellow beads are the icing on the cake,, the topping on the candy corn.


When you have finished looping back through the yellows, "hop" over one bead, and loop back through again. This will make both of your lanyard ends finish on the same side. Double knot it, and pull tight. My Girl Scouts tied a loop keyring on the end to use in attaching their creations to their backpacks.

Hope the little crafters in your life enjoy this project!

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  1. oh man, this brings back so many memories of making lizards using this same technique when I was a kid. This could have so many uses and a great project for kids!


  2. This is so cute. I am a Daisy leader!! If you'd like to link up your post, stop by my blog for Theme Party Thursday. :)

  3. check out my blog....would be a good snack to go along with this craft:)

  4. You have some adorable Halloween crafts! I think I need to try them out with the kids I babysit!! Also, I wanted to let you know that I am working on and trying to get out there something called "The Handmade Pact" & "Handmade Tuesdays." On Tuesday I feature someone for a tutorial (let me know if you ever want to be featured :) and then I have a linky where others can link up tutorials they have done on their blogs (can be from whenever. Just cannot be repeated on more than one week). :) I am also wanting to feature etsy shops as well because not everyone can make things :) Have a great week!

  5. Awwww, cute,cute, cute! Great Halloween craft idea Ÿ

    Thanks for visiting me over at Pittpat Paperie and leaving the nice comment. Hope you can stop by again sometimes Ü

  6. Great tute! love this... thanks for joining us at A Crafty Soiree... can't wait to see what you share tomorrow!

  7. What a cute idea! Thanks for linking it up to my Halloween Party!

    - Megan

  8. What a fun bead project for kids and a great craft for groups. I really like the idea to add them to their backpacks. Thanks for sharing with us at A Crafty Soiree! Please join us next time too!

  9. Love this idea. Great for girls to have a fun time & fun bling!