Sunday, January 10, 2010

Forms Found

We happily found wreath forms for our pom poms at Michael’s. I purchased a smaller one for K4’s room, since I’m predicting that she may get tired of making these little fuzzy wonders before she has too many. :)

She chose a multi-color yarn to use for hers, which will probably be just adorable.

After her friends’ birthday party this morning, and then braving the cold to sell a few more Girl Scout cookies, we retreated back home for hot cocoa and a pom pom making session.

Just in case you were wondering… a quick explanation: The reason we sometimes call my daughter K4 is that she’s the fourth girl in the immediate family to have a name that begins with the letter “K”. My sister is K1, I’m K2, my youngest niece is K3 and my DD is K4.

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