Monday, January 11, 2010

A "Heart Felt" Project for the Brownies

SCREECHING halt! Today is Brownie meeting day. so other projects go on the back burner!

The girls are going to make Valentine cards to deliver to the local nursing home next month. It’s their favorite project every year, and we always have lots of pretty hand drawn cards and smiles to share.

We’re also going to make felt Valentine lapel pins for the mothers (or to keep for themselves). I precut cardboard hearts for the backing, to which they’ll tape safety pins, using the "negative" from the cut outs to trace hearts onto felt. On the front, they will glue a red felt heart cut with pinking shears. Then I provide them with beads, sequins and glue and let their imaginations fly. They always come up with things I would never think to do. It’s a joy to watch!

Note to Self: Next time I won't show them my sample pin, since they all liked it so much it was copied. The finished products all turned out cute and slightly unique, and the girls enjoyed the project.

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