Friday, January 15, 2010

Poetry Coffeehouse Perfect

Today my daughter's second grade class performed in a "Poetry Coffeehouse" patterned after the Beatnik coffeehouses of the '60's. They each got to read two of their own poems, and the audience "snapped" instead of "clapped" their approval. (Instead of coffee, they drank hot chocolate.) Cute idea!

The challenge? They were asked to dress like Beatniks in black with berets.

Now...we don't own a beret, and the local stores certainly are filled to the brim with them. And with only a couple of days notice, my only option was (drat!) to pull out the sewing machine and figure this out! I'm a quilter, not a seamstress.

Once I simplified the lines of a pattern in my head, it wasn't difficult at all. I used a good heavyweight felt to cut the solid circle top and "donut" shape bottom from, and a matching grosgrain ribbon for the headband.

It was actually so easy that I ended up using scraps to make a matching beret for her American Girl doll, much to her delight!

The moral: take a deep breath and attack before you panic. And now she has a new item for her dress-up closet.

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  1. Very cute! A popular poet at such a young must be very proud. I found you courtesy of Follow Me Friday and am now following you.